I’ve worked on several games projects during the last two years. Some are hobby projects used to teach myself stuff, some are professional projects I’ve worked on at Total Monkery during my last year of employment. Also, I’ve developed a number of cool little systems in my spare time that I thought might be interesting!

Professional Projects

The two projects I’ve worked on as proper game developer with a job and a desk and everything.

Late Night Shop

PC, Mac OSX, Linux, Oculus Rift


A 3D horror-FPS set in a clothing shop at night. You play a disgruntled clothing store employee who has been tasked with investigating an alarm call. Except when you arrive it becomes clear that the mannequins are alive and trying to murder you. The twist is… they can’t move if you’re looking at them.

Chronology of Development

Developed while learning Unity3D and how to code in C# starting in August 2014 based concept and art of Frederic Fitzpatrick. Started off building a basic prototype with simple AI and functioning vision detection system within a few days.

LNS was originally produced as a hobby project but with the aim of ultimately releasing on PC. Fred produced some basic art assets and levels for us to start testing on. Before long Damion Sheppard agreed to come on board and assist us with sound (music and SFX).

Late-Night-Shop FBG

We successfully pitched prototype to Total Monkery who agreed to take on development of the project in April 2015.

Before proper development began I made a prototype VR build using an Oculus DK1. Proved to be extremely fun to play utilised the immersion of the medium very naturally.

While working at TM I have been responsible for AI, UI, VR intergration, gameplay, input and audio systems, building on the existing C# codebase I brought to the company and combining it with existing company code.

A few weeks of development we produced a small VR experience for Google Cardboard. This was a fun challenge (mostly for the artists!) due to the hardware restrictions but we eventually managed to get the game running OK on an old Nexus 5. We never released this demo but here’s a little taste.

A few months later into development at TM we released a public demo which received a rather pleasing amount of media attention (Kotaku, PC Gamer, RPS). I was in charge of preparing and testing builds for this release and several others to potential investors.

We have continued to produce new art and AI for a much larger project than was originally planned based on media and public response.

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Pre-Alpha Demo Release

A short VR (and non-VR for all the luddites out there) demo showing the concept of the game. Produced with the Total Monkery team about 3 months after we started development.

The demo is fully functional display of the menu systems, AI interactions and art style of the game.

Non-VR Builds:

VR Build:



Windows mobile, Xbox(unreleased)


A mobile puzzle game about four cursed brothers who have to harness the elements to pay the ferryman and escape purgatory.

My first project as professional game developer! I joined the project after it had been in development for a couple of weeks with a basic codebase in place.

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During the development of this game I worked on a number of different elements (har-har) including UI, camera, elemental interactions and audio systems.

As a tile based game, certain restraints were placed on what physics we could include. For instance we had cannons that fired cannon balls along a flat tile based trajectory which didn’t look particularly impressive. To improve this I came up with a nifty parabolic tile placement solution which achieved a more believable effect without using any gravity or realtime physics.

Current work

Since the release of ElemenTales on Windows Mobile earlier this year, work has begun on an Xbox One version. To this end I’ve begun work on a control system overhaul for gamepad input and also implemented some AI NPC animal characters using recycled code from LNS.

Release build

Release with free demo – Windows Store Link


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