Gamedev & My Stupid Confidence Problems

My self-confidence has never been great. Most of it came from not wanting to bother or annoy anyone. Consequently, I’ve always had trouble asking for help with things; not wanting to put anyone out or waste people’s time. As a young child I barely spoke. I have a distinct memory of my junior school head teacher giving me the nickname “The Ventriloquist” due to my tendency to mumble when put on the spot. In a roundabout way, game development has somehow ended up helping me a huge amount with this stupid problem.

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Games & Science : A misspent youth


Before I’d even considered a job in games (beyond an idle daydream), I’d been a huge games fan. Since early childhood I’d spent most of my spare time playing games. It was how I relaxed, learned stuff, hung out with friends. My parents had to hide cables to stop me playing when I’d not seen the sun for too long. When I wasn’t playing games I was hanging around talking about them with other like-minded people who also didn’t like sports. Continue reading

Making a horror game when you suck at horror games is… interesting

Almost a year ago I started work on a horror game. I suck at horror games. I can play for about half an hour of the first Dead Space game in one go before I need a dread break. I played 1.5 hours of Amnesia over the course of an entire year. I’ve had Alien Isolation since Christmas and I’ve got about 2 hours in because every time the alien kills me I rage-quit and have to go and calm down a bit. So you get the picture.  Because I suck at them I don’t tend to play them very often, but weirdly I love the idea of playing them and am fascinated by them.

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Wobbling Stuff With Maths Part 2: Taming the Maths

This is the second post in a series about a shader side project of mine, so make sure you’ve read the first one or this won’t make much sense!

In this post I want to talk about the script I use to interface with this weird vertex wobbling system I’ve made. Before I wrote this script, the shader on it’s own was unruly and impossible to get usable results out of unless you got very lucky with the parameters used. The brilliant thing about shaders is that they can do a lot of maths very quickly using your GPU. The not so brilliant thing is that it can be tricky passing information between shader programs and regular CPU scripts or programs. I have no idea if the way I do it is the best way to do it, but I’ve got some pretty good results with it so far.

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What I actually do as an Indie Game Developer

It’s been kind of strange getting paid to make videogames everyday. Even after six months it still doesn’t really feel like work. By work I’m referring to something you go to everyday wishing you were off doing something else, counting down the clock until you can go home. Granted, I’ve not had a huge amount of jobs like that, but I’ve done enough to know I never want to do something I hate just for the pay-check ever again. And it’s looking increasingly like I won’t have to; an awesome prospect at the age of 25. So yeah being a game developer is pretty great…

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Late Night Shop: Making enemies move when they’re not visible

Hello! This is the first in a series of blogs I intend to write about the development of the VR horror game I’m currently working on, Late Night Shop. I co-created this with Fred Fitzpatrick while I was learning to code last year. Since then we’ve convinced our employer, Total Monkery, to develop this title. Should be released sometime later this year on PC, VR and consoles.

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Wobbling Stuff With Maths – Part 1

This is the start of a series of blogs I intend to write about a fun little side project of mine. I’m kind of making this up as I go along so you’ll have to forgive any obvious mistakes! To understand this you’ll need a basic knowledge of what a mesh is, what vertices are, as well as some intermediate maths, although I’ll try to explain all the necessary stuff as I go along. For the mean time I’ve stripped out all the shader jargon in my code snippets so the maths is easier to read. (N.B. Please add comments if anything doesn’t make any sense and I’ll amend the blog)

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